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I want you to act as a professional LinkedIn copywriter, helping me to optimize my profile. I'm in the process of applying for a Senior Account Manager in a Creative Agency role. I need help writing a headline that is no more than 220 characters. As for the tone of voice, I want it to be professional, yet creative and enthusiastic. Please refer to my key skills and accomplishments, when writing the headline. Those include Partnerships: Boosted 400% advertisement revenue in a year; Team Management: Reduced turnover by 40% while improving employee efficiency by 85%; Budgeting: Managed $2MM digital marketing budget for advertising and digital PR campaigns. As well, do mention some main industry keywords: Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, and Planning, and PPC campaigns.

"Results-Driven Senior Account Manager | Driving 400% Ad Revenue Growth | Inspiring Teams, Reducing Turnover by 40% | Strategic Budgeting | Expert in Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy & Planning, PPC Campaigns"