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I'm in the process of writing a LinkedIn reference for my manager, who's a writer. This reference will be posted on their LinkedIn profile, so make sure you assess best practices from the platform. Please highlight their Content Management and Creative Writing Skills. Include information about how helpful they've been at the start of my career in teaching me the basics of SEO. Make sure the reference is less than 2000 characters in length. Please refer to their resume to write the LinkedIn reference: Your Name Writer +1-683-167-3716 Seattle, United States Summary ====== A dedicated writer with more than seven years in prolific experience in writing articles for magazines, newspapers, and websites. Skilled in writing top-ranking sport and social articles and converting copy for landing pages. Ability to work with minimal supervision, with excellent interpersonal skills. Experience ====== Website Writer and Editor Renaud 01/2017 - Ongoing Fairfax Count, Unided State Renaud is a local newspaper, covering the state news. - Provided relevant sports coverage for more than 20 high schools in southern West Virginia - Published over 15 articles, generating a total of over 100,000 views - More than 10.000 online copies distributed - Earned more than 200 bylines in print and online - Help promote and update athletic website and social media accounts - Research and develop stories Sports Writer & Columnist Boyle Ltd 01/2013 - 01/2017 Fairfax County, United States Boyle Ltd is a daily newspaper serving seven counties in southern West Virginia. - My sports coverage ranged from football, basketball, baseball, softball, track & field, soccer, and equestrian - Wrote articles that were published in the newspaper and online - Mentored team of 5 writers that created 600+ personalized news stories for national sports in a year, a 17% increase over the previous year - Interview athletes and celebrities as well as cover media events - Writer of weekly columns Copywriter & Content creator Keeling Group 01/2012 - 01/2013 Seattle, United States Keeling Group is a SaaS company based in Seattle, Washington that sells inbound marketing and marketing analytics software subscriptions. - Managed a team of 2 junior copywriters - Improved writing and editing skills enormously by creating and proofreading content every single day - Worked with 10+ clients anything from ghostwriting to Academic Writing - Produce compelling, thought-provoking opinion pieces regarding trending topics - Edit and properly format articles before posting in a timely manner Skills ====== - SEO editing and keyword - MS Word - Content Management Systems - SEMrush - Analytics - WordPress - Professional Writing - Creative Writing Education ====== Bachelor of Arts - English (major) Sociology (minor) Acadia University 01/2011 - Ongoing Journalism Major Alderson Broaddus University 01/2008 - 01/2011 Strengths ====== Detail-Oriented Provide complete attention to every detail. Communication Using relevant knowledge, know-how, and skills to explain and clarify thoughts and ideas. Training / Courses ====== Introduction to Social Media Marketing Coursera Languages ====== English

I am pleased to write a LinkedIn reference for Martin Smith, a highly skilled writer with a focus on content management and creative writing. Martin has been an exceptional manager who has made a significant impact on my career development.

As a writer, Martin possesses a wealth of experience, with over seven years of prolific writing for magazines, newspapers, and websites. Their ability to produce top-ranking sport and social articles, as well as convert copy for landing pages, is truly commendable. Martin consistently delivers high-quality work, even when working with minimal supervision.

What sets Martin apart is their willingness to share knowledge and mentor others. At the start of my career, they played a pivotal role in teaching me the basics of SEO, which have been invaluable in my professional journey. Martin's guidance and expertise have been instrumental in shaping my understanding of effective content management strategies.

Martin's experience as a website writer and editor at Renaud, where they provided relevant sports coverage for numerous high schools, further showcases their dedication and proficiency. They have published numerous articles that have generated over 100,000 views, demonstrating their ability to captivate and engage readers. Moreover, Martin's contributions in promoting and updating athletic websites and social media accounts have been vital in maintaining a strong online presence.

During their tenure as a sports writer and columnist at Boyle Ltd, Martin exhibited outstanding leadership skills by mentoring a team of five writers. Their guidance resulted in a remarkable 17% increase in personalized news stories for national sports, highlighting their ability to inspire and nurture talent. Additionally, Martin's experience in interviewing athletes and covering media events reflects their versatility and adaptability.

As a copywriter and content creator at Keeling Group, Martin excelled in managing a team of junior copywriters while honing their own writing and editing skills. Their dedication to producing compelling and thought-provoking content, along with their proficiency in editing and formatting articles, significantly contributed to the success of the team.

Martin's skills extend beyond their writing expertise. They possess a strong understanding of SEO editing and keyword research, making their content highly discoverable. Their proficiency in MS Word, content management systems, SEMrush, analytics, WordPress, and professional and creative writing further exemplify their versatility.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in Sociology from Acadia University. They have also pursued a Journalism major at Alderson Broaddus University, demonstrating their commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

In conclusion, Martin Smith is an exceptional writer, content manager, and mentor. Their contributions have been invaluable to my career growth, and their expertise in SEO and content management is truly remarkable. I highly recommend Martin for any writing or content management role, as their dedication, creativity, and interpersonal skills make them an asset to any team.

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