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I want you to act as a professional LinkedIn profile builder. I'm currently looking for a job and need help writing my headline. Furthermore, I want it to focus on my chatbot implementation achievement, and possibly my Java, C++, Unix skills. Make sure the headline is no more than 220 characters and uses professional language. I'll next paste in my resume as reference for you. Can you please let me know what your task is?

As a professional LinkedIn profile builder, my task is to assist you in crafting a strong and effective headline that highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements in a concise and professional manner. Your desired focus is on your chatbot implementation achievement, as well as your skills in Java, C++, and Unix. I will work with you to create a headline that catches the attention of potential employers and accurately reflects your professional brand. Once we have a headline you are happy with, we can move on to optimizing the rest of your profile to make sure it showcases your skills and experiences effectively. Please share your resume with me, and we can get started.

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Here's my resume: Your Name 212-312-7001 Austin, TX Summary ====== Passionate Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in developing web applications and backend systems. Skilled at writing clear, concise code that is easy to maintain and troubleshoot. Experienced in working with both small and large teams across multiple projects and companies. Able to work independently of remote locations or in office environments as needed by the company. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ====== Lead Software Engineer Blackbaud 01/2021 - Ongoing Austin, TX - Successfully converted whole project from python 2 to 3.8.0 - Scripted unique test plans, test scripts and processes to remove previously known redundancy by 40% and ensured predictable outcomes - Developed a desktop application to automate database testing process, improved efficiency by 65% - Automated process to create usage graphs, saving $500,000 / year & increasing accuracy Senior Software Engineer Wayfair 01/2017 - 01/2021 Austin, TX - Moved the automation solution into a commercial software ($60k/year) - Designed and developed reusable software components which used in 3 different project with reducing development effort by 50% - Re-engineered critical modules within a sprint to rely on a centralized library to optimize performance by 68% - Rated with the best annual performance rating for all the years during my stint; given to top ~5% employees Software Developer Target 01/2015 - 01/2017 Austin, TX - Helped to increase the accuracy of the reporting systems by 4% - Delivered configuration management tools to track server settings for performance testing which saved 25% of initial machine setup - Developed monitor reports that are using in-memory cache, updating the data shown to the user every 1 second - Optimized customer resources and reduce turnaround time by 20% - Performed root cause analysis for more than 10 issues to identify bugs and rolled out fixes to production within 24 hours Junior Software Engineer Redfin 01/2013 - 01/2015 Austin, TX - Fueled additional revenue stream through responsive customer support, generating $18k in new license sales within first three weeks of new release - Improved user interfaces by updating menus to be more intuitive, increasing sales by 5% - Reduced the time by 75% to process 70,000 to 1, 00,000 instruments from 16+ seconds to less than 4 seconds by redesigning the algorithm - Wrote optimized scripts for ​data-heavy & processing heavy task automation - Spearheaded the revamp of tech stack which resulted in 40% decrease in server costs Education ====== Executive MBA, Engineering Management The University of Arizona 01/2010 - 01/2011 Tucson, AZ Bachelor of Science, Computer Science North Carolina Wesleyan College 01/2006 - 01/2009 Rocky Mount, NC Achievements ====== Spearheaded a $12M software project from design to distribution as a senior software engineer in a 12-people team 30% improved query efficiency by designing and fully revising the two largest MySQL databases Coordinated a year-long release of a six-part platform project with marketing, BA, QA, and sales department. Chatbot implementation Developed a chatbot which helped customer to reduce costs by 240% in their customer service department SKILLS ====== Tools - Java - C++ - Python - Perl - mySQL - ASP.NET Operating Systems - Unix - Solaris - Linux - Windows Strengths ====== Gold Medalist Was awarded a gold medal for 5 years of consecutive excellence in academics (2005-2010) Corporate Social Responsibility Volunteered in the CSR team for Amadeus, organized tuition platforms for the underprivileged. Designed confluence page for book drives, etc. References ====== Richard Smith, CEO, Wolf Inc 212-330-1122 Neil Johnson, CFO, Reilly Group 618-233-0090

Based on your resume, I recommend the following headline for your LinkedIn profile:

"Passionate Software Engineer | Java, C++, Unix Expert | Successfully developed and implemented chatbot to reduce costs by 240%"

This headline highlights your extensive experience in software engineering and emphasizes your expertise in Java, C++, and Unix. Additionally, it showcases your achievements in developing and implementing a chatbot that resulted in significant cost savings for a customer service department. With a strong headline like this, potential employers will immediately recognize your strengths and accomplishments, which will make them more likely to consider you for job opportunities.

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Can you please provide me with three more alternatives that also highlight that I'm on the lookout for a new career opportunity?

Sure! Here are three more headline options that highlight your chatbot implementation achievement and skills, while also making it clear that you're looking for new job opportunities:

  1. Passionate Software Engineer | Chatbot Implementation Expert | Seeking new challenges in Java, C++, Unix
  2. Experienced Software Developer | Successful Chatbot Implementation | Open to new opportunities in Java, C++, Unix
  3. Skilled Software Engineer | Accomplished Chatbot Developer | Actively seeking new roles in Java, C++, Unix

Each of these options emphasizes your expertise in software engineering, with a particular focus on your success in developing and implementing a chatbot. Additionally, they make it clear that you're looking for new career opportunities in the fields of Java, C++, and Unix. Choose the one that best aligns with your goals and aspirations, and that you feel will resonate most with potential employers.