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I'll provide you with my resume - I need help assessing two things. The first being what roles I could apply for. The second, what industries would match my experience. In general, what are your career recommendations for me? Is that alright?

Yes, of course! Please provide me with your resume, and I'll do my best to help you assess your skills and experience, as well as provide career recommendations.

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High School Teacher | Sciences +359888888888 Queens, NY Experience ====== Teacher Hudson High School of Learning Technologies 01/2015 - Ongoing NYC - Teaching classes of 25+ on biology and chemistry topics - Participated in student recruitment, registration and placement activities - Coordinated School Information Night each year - Contributed to raising retention rate from 75% - 89% through running extracurricular sessions - Received two outstanding reports from classroom inspections from the city central education board - Ran 100+ school information sessions Biology Teacher Boston High School 01/2013 - 12/2015 Boston, MA - Developed and executed daily lesson plans to engage and challenge student understanding and involvement, including 30+ international students (ESL) and students with specialized educational needs. - Increased the number of A+ to C grades from 60% to 90% over 2 years - Taught and mentored 100+ students over the two years, and led 5 extra learning classes outside of school hours - Engaged in peer collaboration and instruction during staff development opportunities as well as peer observation of classroom strategies and assessment. - Designed original student learning plans centered on the curriculum with corresponding lectures and lab activities which aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Teaching Assistant Boston High School 01/2009 - 01/2013 Boston, MA - Implemented lesson plans independently for classrooms of 25+ students - Provide educational materials, including daily lesson plans and weekly homework packets that averaged a 95% completion rate - Lectured weekly in tutorials, and regularly in courses over 8 semesters - Assist professor and a class of 25 students with the course related needs Education ====== Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration 4.0 South Carolina State University 01/2011 - 01/2013 Orangeburg, SC - Excellence Award (2013) Certificate of Education (Career Development) South Carolina State University 01/2010 - 01/2011 Certification ====== Professional Registration Career Development Association of United States Proficient Teacher NY Education Standards Authority Proficient Teacher ACT Teacher Quality Institute White Card & Asbestos Awareness MIT Senior First Aid Ablaze Training Solutions Anaphylaxis Training ACSIA Publications ====== Project: Issues/Benefits in a Blended Biology Course 09/2014undefined Biology Models & Mechanisms 11/2012undefined Skills ====== - Powerpoint - Photoshop - Cloud Storage - Trello - Microsoft Teams - Blackboard Volunteering ====== Volunteer Peace Corps 01/2007 - 01/2008 Organized Kitchen Welcome for people in need in Queens, NYC.

Based on your resume, I would recommend the following roles and industries for you to consider:


  • High School Science Teacher
  • Education Coordinator
  • Curriculum Developer
  • Education Consultant
  • Science Content Creator
  • Science Instructional Designer


  • Education
  • EdTech
  • Nonprofit
  • Government
  • Scientific Research

With your experience in teaching and education, along with your Doctorate of Education in Educational Administration, you have a strong foundation for a career in education. Your experience in curriculum development and instruction could make you a strong candidate for roles such as an education coordinator or curriculum developer.

Your background in the sciences also gives you an advantage in the education industry, particularly for roles that focus on science content creation and instructional design. Additionally, your experience in working with international students and students with specialized educational needs could be useful in organizations that have a diverse student body.

Finally, your skills in PowerPoint, Photoshop, cloud storage, Trello, Microsoft Teams, and Blackboard are valuable tools for working in the education industry, as they are commonly used in developing and delivering educational content.

Overall, I would recommend that you focus your job search on the education industry and consider roles that capitalize on your skills and experience. With your passion for teaching and education, you are well-positioned for a fulfilling career in this field.