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give me an advanced python hello world

Here is an advanced Python "Hello, World!" program that uses multiple advanced features of the     

# Define a class with a custom __str__ method                                                      
class HelloWorld:                                                                                  
    def __init__(self, name):                                                                      
        self.name = name                                                                           
    def __str__(self):                                                                             
        return f"Hello, {self.name}!"                                                              
# Create an instance of the class and print it                                                     
hello_world = HelloWorld("World")                                                                  

This program defines a HelloWorld class that has a custom __str__ method, which is called when the 
object is converted to a string (e.g. when it is printed). The __str__ method returns the string   
"Hello, World!", but with the name attribute of the object interpolated into the string.           

Then, the program creates an instance of the HelloWorld class with the name "World" and prints it, 
which calls the __str__ method and prints the result.                                              

This is a more advanced version of the classic "Hello, World!" program because it uses             
object-oriented programming (OOP) principles and a custom __str__ method.