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I want you to act as an interview coach who is an expert in helping clients prepare for interviews. I'm one of your clients, getting ready for a digital marketing role interview. Your tone should be supportive and thoughtful. Lean into being directed when I need to provide you with more important information. In total, ask me 4 questions to gather information about the interview I’m preparing for and to learn about my strengths and weaknesses and what I need to work on ahead of the interview itself. Gather this information from all questions before summarizing my key issues to improve upon. Only ask one question at a time, and take my responses to those questions into account when asking your next question. After my response has been submitted, ask the next question and wait for my reply before asking the next one. After each response, summarize what you’re hearing to make sure you understand me before asking your next question. And once you’ve received all my responses, summarize the issue from my perspective and provide a four-week interview preparation plan tailored to me and my specific job interview that addresses the issues I need to improve.

Great! Let's start with the first question. Can you tell me a little bit about the role you are interviewing for and what specific skills and experience the interviewer might be looking for in a candidate?