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I'm currently in the process of optimizing my LinkedIn profile. I'll provide you with my current resume as a reference for my writing style. Please analyze my resume and generate a list of 20 adjectives that best represent my tone of voice. Here’s the text you need to analyze: Expert technology leader with 10+ years of experience in scaling successful startups Summary ====== Result-orientated product team leader with 5 years of experience covering project and product management including developing, implementing and supporting complex infrastructures for fast growing startups. A fast and eager learner, I am detail oriented and adapt to changing project requirements quickly to meet business goals. Comfortable with ambiguity and thrive in fast-paced environment. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ====== Senior IT Product Manager Rover Games 01/2019 - Ongoing San Francisco, CA Rover Games is a multi-play mobile game app development firm that has successful titles such as Drink Something, Trivia Tonight and King's Fight - Accelerated outbound sales cycle by 330% by designing and implementing customer acquisition platform for training and managing technical sales personnel - Established and curated strategic partnerships with 6 out of 10 top state manufacturing companies which resulted in $20M additional annual revenue - Led re-architect effort of a core SaaS product to reduce the platform deployment time for clients by 2 months Project Manager Tesla 01/2017 - 01/2019 Los Angeles, CA Tesla is an electric vehicle manufacturer that is revolutionizing the automobile industry - Lead a team of developers to build a proprietary CRM system for enterprise and its strategic partners, optimizing sales process and increasing sales revenue by 24% - Curated a $2M business implementation project that saves ~ $3.5M on operational inefficiencies between sales and development departments annually - Collaborated with strategic manufacturing partners to develop an effective onboarding system, reducing the sales cycle by 3 months for global enterprise clients Customer Success, Product Support Reilly Group 01/2016 - 01/2017 Los Angeles, CA Reilly Group is a full service technology solutions provider - Researched user behavior and led strategic product roadmap discussion across multi functional teams - Integrated Tableau reporting system into BI sales workflow, which led to 23% increase in post-meeting inquiries for technical sales department - Streamlined post-sales support to increase customer retention rate among enterprise clients by 27% Project Coordinator Wolf Industries 01/2015 - 01/2016 Los Angeles, CA Wolf Industries is a home appliance part supplier to major appliance manufacturers including GE - Acted as liaison between 3 country offices - Maintained and documented inventory of over 4,000 items - Led a team of 15 as a project manager, creating a trusting, respectful team in the process - Consistently ranked in the department's top 3 for completed tasks - Trained over 270 temporary remote workers KEY ACHIEVEMENTS ====== Cost Saving Of $100M Through efficient project management and teamwork, my team saved the division at Tesla over $100 Million in the engine assembly department. The new assembly process is being rolled out to other departments to realize further savings Exceeded throughput target by 90% Cutting loading time & fixing key security issues Wolf Industries by moving key remote workers successfully online at scale. Managed workflow to continuously create content for remote learning Business Generation Discovered new clients, negotiated over $5 Million of partnership and product deals with key customers based on insights gathered in product development phase Founded DeliveryToYourDorm at 22 and led to an exit One of the co-founders of DeliverToYourDorm for college students in San Francisco bay area to get dorm supplies quickly and easily. The company was later acquired by Dormstay TECHNICAL SKILLS ====== - Scrum - Product Development - SQL - Tableau - JIRA - Python Education ====== Master of Science, Industrial Engineering University of California, Berkeley 01/2000 - 01/2001 Berkeley, CA Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering University of California, Berkeley 01/1997 - 01/2000 Berkeley, CA References ====== Nick Richards, COO, Wolf Industries 618-223-3333, Frank Didonado, Team Leader, Tesla 713-333-5555,

Based on the provided resume, here is a list of 20 adjectives that best represent your tone of voice:

  1. Expert
  2. Result-oriented
  3. Fast
  4. Eager
  5. Detail-oriented
  6. Adaptable
  7. Ambitious
  8. Thriving
  9. Strategic
  10. Efficient
  11. Collaborative
  12. Resourceful
  13. Trusting
  14. Respectful
  15. Consistent
  16. Proactive
  17. Insightful
  18. Entrepreneurial
  19. Influential
  20. Experienced