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I want you to act as a cover letter writer. I will provide you with my resume, and you will generate a cover letter to complement it. I want the cover letter to have a formal, professional tone, as I will be applying to a corporation. Do you acknowledge?

Yes, I can help you write a cover letter to complement your resume. In order to get started, please provide me with your resume and any additional information about the position you are applying for, as well as the company you are applying to. This will help me to tailor the cover letter to the specific job and company you are interested in.

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My preferred job will be at Home Depot as a Lead Analyst, Finance Business Services. Here's a job description: The Finance Business Services (FBS) team serves as a strategic and innovative partner focused on supporting business growth, as part of a world-class controllership organization. The FBS Lead Analyst is responsible for the day to day activities related to their tower (e.g., procure to pay (P2P), Order to Cash (OTC), or Record to Report (R2R)). This role will partner with project teams and external business partners and supports problem solving efforts. The person in this role is accountable for supporting the activities of the team, ensuring customer service, and encouraging continuous improvement of processes and delivery. The FBS Lead Analyst provides coaching to team members, along with supporting their development of business and technical skills. As a FBS Lead Analyst, you will support individual contributors (Analysts and Sr. Analysts) prioritize and review work, while balancing your own workload. This role is expected to present continuous improvement insights and recommendations to managers and leaders. In addition, lead analysts will collaborate with cross-functional teams, requiring effective communication skills, and the ability to build relationships and partnerships while managing competing priorities. And here is my resume: ALEXANDER SPIKES Financial Business Analyst: Creating Opportunities For ROI Winning Investments help@enhancv.com +1-828-938-9529 linkedin.com/in/alexspikes2 Boulder, CO Summary ====== CFA Certified Financial Business Analyst with 8+ years of experience in risk assessment, financial modeling, and consultations in assisting clients take crucial business decisions. Highly experienced in seeing different opportunities to reduce costs by an AVG of 35% and make ROI-winning investments. Working in Excel to produce various financial statements and reports to ensure all customer records are 100% accurate. Experience ====== Financial Business Analyst Dufour 01/2019 - Ongoing Boulder, CO The Dufour is a business transformation consultancy, specialising in helping businesses get ahead of the curve and gain an extensive competitive advantage. - Engaged in 40+ projects for upgrading IT business processes with cost savings of $500K+ - Installed financial models to help decision-makes take informed decisions and increase profits by an AVG of $25K / year - Weekly client consultations to help them assess investment opportunities and receive most up-to-date information regarding financial loans, different funding projects, and opportunities Finance Analyst Bouchard 01/2016 - 01/2018 San Fransisco, CA Bouchard is a leading company on the telecommunications market with more than 4,2 million customers. - Prepared 2016 Budget with Variance analysis to prior years - Prepared quarterly reports to analyze current assets and recommend investments, securing ever-rising annual profit margins - Assisted merger in advanced electronics space, identifying synergy opportunities of $60 M Business Analyst Keeling Group 01/2014 - 01/2016 Boston, MA Keeling Group is a 30-year-old limited company in the printing and packaging field with over 150 employees - Analyzed and implemented 2-Tier Pricing for Channel Partners - Completed annual business analysis report with recommendations on cutting back LEAN wastes - enhanced profit margins by 25% - Prepared 20+ strategic client plans to analyze internal processes and improve ROIs by a 12% minimum with business-crucial decisions My Life Philosophy ====== Benjamin Franklin Beware of little expenses, a small leak will sink a great ship. Skills ====== - Financial Models - KPIs - Business Strategy - Data Analysis - Financial Statements - Excel Education ====== Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) in Finance Nichols College 01/2010 - 01/2014 Dudley, MA Strengths ====== Financial Models Created 200+ models from scratch to reflect upon business KPIs, industry trends, competitors, and global markets. Forecasting costs in game-changing decisions to increase profit margins by 65%. Financial Documents Assisted various clients in preparing and filing various financial documents - from statements and reports to audit and cash flow statements. 100% accuracy always guaranteed. Business Strategy Integrating financial decisions within the overall business strategy and goals to ensure all are aligned in helping clients increase profit by 25% and grow as industry and market leaders within their particular sphere. Training / Courses ====== CFA Certified Finance and Quantative Modeling Accounting and Financial Statements

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in the Lead Analyst, Finance Business Services position at Home Depot. As a CFA certified Financial Business Analyst with 8+ years of experience in risk assessment, financial modeling, and consultations, I am confident that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for the role.

I have a proven track record of success in helping businesses reduce costs and make ROI-winning investments. In my current role as a Financial Business Analyst at Dufour, I have engaged in over 40 projects, resulting in cost savings of over $500K. Additionally, I have installed financial models to assist decision-makers and increase profits by an average of $25K per year.

In my previous role as a Finance Analyst at Bouchard, I prepared the 2016 budget with variance analysis to prior years, and assisted in a merger in the advanced electronics space, identifying synergy opportunities of $60M. I have also spent 2 years as a Business Analyst at Keeling Group, where I helped improve ROIs by a minimum of 12% with business-crucial decisions.

I am highly skilled in Excel and proficient in creating financial models, analyzing data, and preparing financial statements. I am also experienced in business strategy, KPI analysis, and client consultations. Furthermore, my education in finance and my CFA certification have provided me with a strong foundation in accounting and financial modeling.

I am excited about the opportunity to join Home Depot as a Lead Analyst in the Finance Business Services team. I am confident that my skills and experience make me a valuable asset to your organization. Thank you for considering my application.

Sincerely, Alexander Spikes