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I am a professor who has assigned a group project to my students. Some students are upset because one person in their group is not contributing. What are some proven strategies to ensure all students contribute to their group in an equitable way?

  1. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for each group member at the beginning of the project.
  2. Establish clear expectations and deadlines for the project, and hold each member accountable for meeting them.
  3. Encourage open communication and regular check-ins within the group, and provide opportunities for group members to provide feedback on each other's contributions.
  4. Provide incentives for group members to participate and contribute, such as offering extra credit for group members who exceed expectations.
  5. Consider implementing a peer evaluation system to assess each group member's participation and contributions.
  6. Be available to provide guidance and support as needed, and address any issues or concerns that arise promptly.
  7. Encourage group members to take ownership and lead different aspects of the project.