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What are some proven strategies for motivating college students to complete the assigned reading before class?

Here are a few strategies that can help motivate college students to complete the assigned reading before class:

  1. Set clear expectations and deadlines: Make it clear to students when the reading is due and how it will be used in class. This can help students understand the importance of completing the reading and give them a sense of purpose.

  2. Make the reading relevant: Connect the reading to the students' own interests or to real-world problems. This can help students see the value in the material and make it more engaging.

  3. Encourage active reading: Encourage students to take notes, ask questions, or create a summary of the material as they read. This can help them engage with the material more actively and retain more of what they read.

  4. Provide incentives: Offer rewards or incentives for students who complete the reading on time, such as extra credit or special privileges in class.

  5. Create a sense of accountability: Consider setting up a reading group or study group where students can discuss the material and hold each other accountable for completing the reading.

  6. Offer support: Make it clear to students that they can come to you or other resources on campus for help if they are struggling with the material. Providing support can help students feel more motivated to complete the reading.

  7. Make the material accessible: Consider providing electronic copies of the reading or making the material available in different formats, such as audio or video, to make it more accessible for students.

  8. Encourage self-motivation: Help students develop their own sense of motivation and responsibility by setting personal goals and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning.