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Please write a product roadmap for Instagram's stories camera to increase more posts per user. Please be as detailed as possible and use comparisons to other tools like TikTok whenever possible.

  1. Introduction of new creative tools for stories camera, such as filters, stickers, and text options to make posts more visually appealing and engaging for users.

  2. Integration of music and sound effects into stories camera, similar to TikTok, to allow users to add a musical element to their posts and create more dynamic content.

  3. Development of a "collaboration" feature, allowing users to invite friends and other users to add their own content to a single story, encouraging more interaction and engagement among users.

  4. Implementation of a "stories archive" feature, allowing users to save and organize their past stories, making it easier to reference and repost content, leading to an increase in posts per user.

  5. Introduction of a "stories analytics" tool, providing users with insights on the performance of their stories, such as views, engagement, and reach, to help them create more effective and engaging content.

  6. Development of a "stories shop" feature, allowing users to discover and shop for products featured in their favorite influencer's stories, providing a new avenue for users to generate revenue from their content and encouraging them to create more posts.

  7. Integration of a "stories challenge" feature, similar to TikTok's "duets" and "reacts" options, allowing users to participate in popular challenges and trend-based content, increasing engagement and participation among users.

  8. Introduction of a "stories community" platform, providing users with a dedicated space to connect with others who share similar interests, encouraging the creation and sharing of content within these communities and leading to an increase in posts per user.