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One of the interview questions for my potential customer-facing role is:" Tell me about a time when you were assigned a task outside your normal job duties." Provide an answer based on my ability to go above and beyond and for this particular task - reached 107% of sales targets by adapting the interview script to the customer needs.

Sure, I'd be happy to help you craft a response to this interview question!

Here's an example of an answer you could give:

"Last year, my team was short-staffed due to unexpected absences, and I was asked to take on some additional responsibilities outside of my normal job duties. Specifically, I was asked to conduct sales interviews with potential clients, which was not something I had done before.

Despite being outside of my comfort zone, I dove into the task with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. I researched the products and services we offered, and developed an interview script based on my understanding of our customers' needs.

However, during my first few interviews, I quickly realized that my script wasn't resonating with the customers I was speaking to. They had unique pain points and concerns that I hadn't accounted for in my script.

So, I took a step back and began adapting my approach. I listened closely to their needs, asked more probing questions, and tailored my responses based on their feedback. I also made a point to address their specific concerns and needs directly in my pitch.

As a result of my adaptability and willingness to go above and beyond, I ended up exceeding my sales targets for that month by 107%. This experience taught me the value of being flexible and responsive to customer needs, and showed me that stepping outside of my comfort zone can lead to great rewards."